Chris Harris

I discovered Chris Harris’ book of children’s poetry, I’m Just No Good at Rhyming and Other Nonsense for Mischevious Kids and Immature Grown-Ups, when I was browsing new books a few months back but it was always on hold. I waited until about a week ago and finally managed to procure a copy. Publisher’s Weekly is calling him “a worthy heir to Silverstein, Seuss, and even Ogden Nash.” Both my son and I really enjoyed reading aloud his zany poems about anything and everything under the sun, and Lane Smith’s illustrations go perfectly with the poetry. 

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My son’s favorite was The Old Woman Who Lived in Achoo, which you can recite with two people. My favorite poem in the book was I’m Shy on the Outside, which reminded me of well, me and a couple of guys I know. 

I’m Shy on the Outside

by Chris Harris, 2017


I’m shy on the outside, but inside my head?

I’m not shy at all–I’m outgoing instead.


I’m chatty, I’m witty, I’m often hilarious,

Funny and friendly and downright gregarious.


Ask me about me–I’ll say, “I’m a cutup!

Sometimes? I can’t even get me to shut up.”


Even though out here I’m minimal-worded, 

Deep down inside? I am so extroverted!


I’m the life of the party here under my skin.

So keep knocking–

Someday I might let you in.