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Aug 2017

Me in August 2017

My name is Rachel, I’m 37 and this is my fifth blog. I have a job as a Youth Services Library Assistant at my local public library, so I get to work with children, teens and their parents all day (which is exactly the subject I got my Masters in and what I want to do). I work primarily with Teens now and have created Adulting 101 and writing programs as well as continuing to find speakers for our Real Talk program (which brings real issues for teens via informative presentations). I have also presented Storytimes for ages 0-5, created an Art History/Crafts program and a Book Club for tweens. I also work  at the various desks and helping people find the books and other materials they need.

I was born in Germany, but grew up in the US, predominantly the Southeast, though I don’t really have an accent unless I’m tired or happen to be around other Southerners. I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona and have lived in the state for almost 8 years. This is an entirely different climate from what I grew up with, but I enjoy living here although the summers are ridiculously hot and I do miss green-ness and actual seasons (so we usually end up going up to Northern Arizona, where is all forests and mountains).

Eleven Other Random Facts About Me:

  • I love classic cars, esp those from 1930s-1960s. My favorite car growing up was a cherry red and white 1957 Chevy Bel-Air hardtop.
  • My favorite Southern foods are fried okra, boiled peanuts, muffulettas (ok this is technically Sicilian, but I consider it Southern and it is hard to find outside of the South), tomato-based pork bbq, beignets, and grits.
  • I am completely obsessed with all things Dragon Age. Check out my Pinterest DA board and DA comics board on the subject, and the Wiki if you have no idea what I am talking about. I love the storyline and characters, but it has also helped me deal with the rough times in my personal life in the past. Sometimes all you need is a little fantasy to escape.

Bad Idea But We Are Doing It Anyways

Dragon Age 2 characters (Hawke & Varric -from my favorite game), taken from: https://ifunny.co/fun/Lx6HOsTj3  

  • I have started at least 9 Dragon Age fanfiction stories (and one Star Wars: The Old Republic online game story), but not managed to finish one yet (I will one day!).  I like to write poetry to express myself, usually freeform stream of consciousness style, though I have written haiku, cinquain, and acrostic for kids/teen programming or because I wanted to. 
  • I am a total Anglophile and have been since I was in middle school, mostly influenced by my family, but also by growing up watching British comedy shows and living in Scotland for a year. I still drink copious cups in the winter to stay warm – really I drink it pretty much every day – it feels weird not to, and prefer imported English tea (either Yorkshire, PG Tips or Earl Grey).

American and British Flags

  • I went to University of St. Andrews in Scotland at the same time that Prince William was studying there. Unfortunately he decided to switch from Art History (the department I was in) to Geography the year I got there. St. Andrews is a small town, but I never saw him out and about, which is odd as most of my friends did.
  • I love researching, especially history, which is great because I do a lot of research for work when I’m preparing for storytimes or other programs. I find it relaxing.
  • I have an adorable and crazy  nearly 7-1/2 year old son, Liam. See pic below.

Liam and the Brachiosaurus - Oct 2018

Liam and the Brachiosaurus – Oct 2018

  • The real Patch Adams (not the one played by the late Robin Williams in the film of the same name) visited my undergraduate school, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), when I was a freshman as well as my church. He was hilarious and I watched him actually get all the way inside a pair of clown pants, while standing on a stool in the pulpit. Some people were so offended they walked out. After watching him do a lecture at my school, I waited in line for awhile for an autograph and seeing that I didn’t have one of his books, he told me to go get a free one. I went back to the end of the line to wait my turn, not wanting to cut in front of other people who had waited. After about 10 minutes, the guy who had originally been standing behind me came back to get me and told me to come up front. Patch was amazed that I was willing to wait in the back of the line and told me “If there were more people like you, there wouldn’t be any wars,” which is still to this day one of the best compliments I have ever gotten.
  • I was once stuck in the Belgium town of Duffel at night after failing to get off the train at the right stop. I don’t speak Dutch, as they do in the northern parts of Belgium, but luckily the people I was staying with came and rescued me. I later did a hand-built clay duffel bag commemorating this event during my undergraduate degree.
  • I helped create/edit the print-version of Family Literacy Day by Day Calendar while completing an Independent Study with the South Carolina State Library. They have since turned it into an online calendar, an example of which can be found here.

You can also find me:

Goodreads :  I also post my reviews on this site, but it includes my to-read list, as well as the complete list of book I have read.



Email: thedaslibrarian@gmail.com (all questions and concerns should be directed to this email)

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