Moments of Zen: Dec 3 – 9

Last week was a bit of a wash-out, i.e. a pretty craptastic in my personal and professional life, hence why I didn’t post my weekly Moment of Zen. So I am trying to take a more positive spin on things to improve that, as I am tired of being so sad and angry all the time. 


What I need to keep in mind this week and in the future

Sat: Going to the library with my son to pick up our books on hold, and coming home to read him Dog Man by Dav Pilkey. Also having him “read” me from his giant adult Dinosaur book – basically just telling me what he thinks each dinosaur did and what period they lived during. 

Sun: Working on my Christmas presents and got a fair amount done. Got to have coffee and breakfast with my dad after church and before I had to go to work. Started watching a hilariously awkward show on Netflix called Chewing Gum, but got tired of it after awhile. 

Mon: Finished the fifth volume of Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori and Horimiyu #3 by Hero (I am really enjoying this series, super adorable awkward characters). Rewatched episodes of Glee, which really crack me up and of course, sing along. Makes me wish I had a show like that in high school. 



Miyamura at school and at home (can’t see the tattoos but they are there – so freaking cute!)

Tues: Got a fair amount of research done on my future 5-8 yr old literacy program for the library. Still trying to figure out how I want to structure it and make a proposal to get support from other organizations/supervisors. Also finished Ouran High School Host Club #6 (best one yet!). 

Wed: Got to see my counselor for the first time in two weeks and was definitely needed as last week was such a disaster. I always feel calmer after I’ve talked to him. Put up Christmas Tree with my son and he helped me decorate – I was rather proud of myself when we finished. 

Thurs: Hanging with Boo at Steele Indian Park after school. He played on the playground equipment, we went up and down the hill, playing with his bouncy ball, and hung out with the ducks. Also discovered Go Noodle again, and we sang and danced along to that. This is my favorite one

Fri: Listening to the Dragon Age score and trying to focus on my work – didn’t really work, but made me feel a bit better. Pinning the hell out of Dragon Age stuff today, can’t seem to stop. Getting to read Horimiya #5 during lunch and wishing the series was longer than 6 books because I love it so much. Seriously Miyamura is the best boyfriend ever! Eating a carrot cake cupcake and savoring it. 


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