Moments of Zen: Nov 4-11th

I will be glad when this week is over because all the driving from the West Valley to central Phoenix is driving me nuts. So glad to live close to where I work and my kid goes to school. Sorry to wait so long to post this, end of the week got a bit crazy and I forgot. 

Fri: Sitting down at lunch and having a bite without thinking about my kid, money/bills, or anything else and reading part of The Kaiser’s Last Kiss by Alan Judd and wondering if the events in the book actually did happen (Wilhelm II meeting with the head of the SS Heinrich Himmler, and how Himmler really came to be in charge of the SS and have so much political power despite being rather unremarkable-looking). It makes me want to read a bio of Wilhelm II because I’ve always been fascinated with his family (well really the way Queen Victoria managed to get her children into ever royal family in Europe and the Edwardian period afterwards). 


Sat: Watched three episodes of that new Celia show on Netflix and have been really enjoying it. Also got to play some more DA: I and got a good review of my fanfiction thus far from one of my friends. Decided to do the NaNoWriMo except do it with this story instead of an actual novel.  

Sun: Snuggle bonding time with my son, and then watching Skylanders Academy, the Netflix series later on. [We have since finished Season 1, so really hoping there is a 2nd season.]It is supposed to be a kids show, but a lot of adult humor in it, and I discovered that the guy who voices Cullen in DA:I also voiced the character Jet-Vac in Skylanders Academy. Posting the first 7 chapters of my story (scared but excited to see what non-friends think). 

Mon: Reading Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman (Book #5) by Dav Pilkey this morning during breakfast to my son. He loves these books. We’ve been reading them for a couple weeks now and have been finishing them in two days. 

Tues: Spending time with my dog (who has missed me while I’ve been dog/housesitting at my parents house the passed two days), whilst playing SWTOR with my Sith Warrior Togruta. 

Thurs: My parents came back early from their trip, so we can go home tomorrow. My brother and I talked for 2 hrs on the phone and caught up with everything that’s been going on in our personal lives and politically in the US (yes, I am sad that Trump is our president, I did not vote for him, but I hope he has some good advisors to help him not completely wreck our country). 


Battlepug Dec 31, 2013: Trump description in the last panel

Fri:  Surprisingly, it was coming back to my house and unloading the car (after being away for a week) and then running errands with Liam. He was reasonably well-behaved and happy, as he was getting new bed sheets and a blanket to go with his new bed that we are bringing over tomorrow. 


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