Moments of Zen: Oct 28-Nov 3

This has been another really crazy week that I am glad to see the end of, even if I have to work on Saturday, though it is only 4 hrs. I have felt a bit like the below cartoon this week with my son, but replace cookies with Halloween candy, books and anything else he’s not supposed to be messing with that he is currently messing with. I do love Fowl Language by the way, great comic for parents or those who take care of children. 


Fri: Working on my DA story, finishing up A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir and my review for Saving Hamlet. 


Sat: Going to Fall Festival at the YMCA with Liam and watching him attempt to climb the rock wall, play all the carnival games, and costume contest in his new Toothless costume – sadly he didn’t win, the kid in the homemade gumball machine costume did. I did get some Mommy time when I was writing my DA fan fiction, checking out new DA comics, and listening to Spotify. 

Sun: Eating mini muffins and drinking lemonade at church while waiting for the service to start (without my son) and reading the beginning of the The Kaiser’s Last Kiss by Alan Judd. Was nice to just have a few moments to myself without all the chaos. 

Mon: Worked on my DA story some more and trying to open up the storyline a bit and not rely solely on the game. It is a lot harder than I would’ve thought; Took my kid, in his awesome homemade Toothless costume, trick-or-treating for the first time in our neighborhood and he did pretty good once we met up with another kid (was a little shy at first about going up to the house and ringing the doorbell and saying “Trick or Treat”. 

Tues: Conversations with my friends Karyna and Joanna today got me through the day, and eating panko chicken and rice at Blue Fin. 

Wed: Talking to my counselor about everything going on and editing my story, as suggested by one of my friends. 

Thurs: Playing SWTOR with my new Jedi Warrior character and just not thinking about things for awhile. Then later playing about an hour of Dragon Age: Inquisition with the character I’m featuring in my current DA fanfiction story (I had originally started her a few months ago, but had to stop playing). 


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