Moment of Zen: Oct 7-13

Finally got to have a bit of mini-vacation during Liam’s Fall Break. Nothing too fancy, just got up to the mountains near Prescott, Jerome and Sedona. This was only my second trip to Prescott since we moved to Arizona, the first one being back on Labor Day, so I was glad to get out of town for a bit and relax. It was nice not to have to think about anything for a few days. It was a little weird being without computers and TV, as the house we were staying in had neither of those, but also kind of awesome. We (me, my son and my mom) ate some good food and saw some cool things. 

Fri: Enjoying my Oyako Chicken at Blue Fin while finally getting to read some more of The Girl Who Fought Napolean. Not getting much of the girl’s storyline at the moment, but enjoying the bit about Grand Duke Aleksander, who later became Tsar Alexander I. Makes me want to research Russian Tsars from Peter the Great through Nicholas II. 

Sat: Made mincemeat filling with my Mom now so it can cure for two months and be ready in time for Christmas. I haven’t made it from scratch in awhile, and it smells like it is going to be amazing. Also had a long political discussion with my Dad as he basically summed up the presidential race since the Republican/Democratic National Conventions, which was interesting because I rarely get to talk about it in detail with someone has the patience to explain it all to me. 

Sun: Feeling useful (on a completely stress-filled day) as my son asked me to put together his Lego Star Wars toy with him. 

Mon: Feeling myself unwind a little (from tightly coiled spring, the way I’ve been feeling for days) by finally sitting down and reading new teen time-traveling ARC A Darkly Beating Heart by Lindsay Smith

Tues: I had several hours in a row after dinner to read (the first time in forever) and managed to finish reading A Darkly Beating Heart (review to follow in the next couple of days). 

Wed: Finally getting to visit Jerome, AZ and browse all the shops and the beautiful views. My favorite sign there said “Attention Parents: This store is not childproof! All unattended children will be given a RED BULL and a KAZOO. Please watch your children.” The combination of Red Bulls and Kazoos just cracked me up. 


This was the view from the top of Jerome,AZ (it’s a town on the side of a mountain and the road at the top is at about 5200 ft)


This was a view looking up towards Jerome from a gift shop on the edge of the town

Thurs: Seeing how much my son enjoyed Mortimer Farm (in Prescott Valley, AZ) and their corn maze. 


One thought on “Moment of Zen: Oct 7-13

  1. CC says:

    Thank you for linking to my mincemeat recipe. I really think you’ll be pleased with it, and if I can suggest trying it in a Bakewell Tart (in place of the jam) it is sublime! (That recipe is on my site, too.) Enjoy!

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