Silver Shard


Silver Shard (Silverwood, Book 2) by Betsy Streeter

To be published: July 26, 2016

Ten-year-old Henry and fifteen-year-old Helen Silverwood and their family are on the run.They are camping in the woods with their parents and uncle when their mother Kate is contacted by Anna, an ancestor of theirs, and told it is now Kate’s responsibility to protect the portal coin. It is part of the gateway to the labyrinth holding Monder, a dangerous shape-shifting Tromindox, the human-eating enemy of the Silverwoods. Only he is not as contained as the Council thought he was, he has one of the two portal pieces needed to escape, and is gunning for the Silverwoods to get the other piece. Monder has threatened Helen by taking her brother hostage and forcing him to draw his pictures so that Monder can get out of the labyrinth. Will she be able to get Henry back and stop Monder from escaping and getting revenge on her family? To find out, read this exciting time-traveling second volume of the Silverwood series. Recommended for ages 13+, 3 stars. 

I was excited to see the continuation of the story of the Silverwoods, though this one was about as hard to get into as the first book in the series. The beginning was super slow but the middle and ending were good and fast-paced, so it more than made up for it. It is definitely better to read the first book as the storyline will probably confuse you (to be honest, I was a bit lost and I have read Book #1). I’m also a little confused as to who the woman on the cover is, though I can see she is holding the Silver Shard. I enjoyed learning more about the Silverwoods, but their are still big gaps in the narrative. What exactly is the significance of the tree? When are we ever gonna get more a backstory on the original Silverwood family? What exactly is the Guild and is the purpose of the Watchmakers simply to map portals or something else? What is Daniel’s real purpose in all of this? I hope all this and more will be answered in the next book in the series. 

Disclaimer: I received the book as an Advanced Readers Copy from Light Messages Publishing on Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. 



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