About a Girl

About a Girl

About a Girl (Metamorphoses #3) by Sarah McCarry

To be published: July 14, 2015

In the third book of the Metamorphoses series, seventeen-year old Tally (short for Atalanta) has got her life all planned out. She is a genius, beloved by her adopted family and her best friend Shane, and will shortly graduate high school and go to college to get her  Ph.D in cosmology and/or particle physics. That is until one day, while at a friend’s house and she sees a picture of her mother and a famous musician and believes he is the answer to her questions about her mother, who abandoned her shortly after she was born and her as-yet-unknown father. She travels to a small Northwestern town to meet Jack, the musician, and see if he can help her unravel her past. She meets a mysterious young woman named Maddy and falls head over heals in love with her. Will Maddy or Jack be able to help her find the truth about her parents? Read this intriguing new take on a coming-of-age story to find out. Recommended for ages 15+, 3 stars.

If I had known this was the third book in a series, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up. It would’ve helped to read the first book at least, as that mentioned three of the major secondary characters in this volume. First off, I’d like to say that I loved how ordered and scientific Tally was, and even if I didn’t understand all the astronomy she mentions, I could tell how passionate she was about it. Tally’s best friend Shane was an interesting character as he was transgendered, though the author/main character never made a big deal about it, which was a change from other YA books I’ve heard about. I know how hard it is to be in love with your best friend growing up (mine were boys) and not be able to talk about, or express how you feel and how frustrating it can be especially if the person doesn’t return your affections. Then there is the whole mythological undercurrent to the story, which is loosely based on Jason and the Argonauts. This part was a little hard to read, and I could never quite decide if it was some giant trippy episode, some seriously vivid nightmares or actual plot points. Seems it might’ve been all three.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher St Martins Press in exchange for my honest review.


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