First post

Ok, I will try this again and I promise this will be my last blog change for awhile. I had a WordPress account for about 3 years before I recently had to switch to Blogger because of issues viewing the blog at work. Now I remember why I switched to WordPress in the first place, i.e. because it just looks nicer and cleaner on WordPress, plus I get way more traffic here. I liked the title of the blog, so I kept it when I switched back again. Check out my “What is Hermione’s Knapsack?” or “About Me” pages to find out more info. I’d like to continue posting on Kids Cafe once a week, and doing the monthly book review post, as well as ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) individual posts, and anything else I find fascinating (usually nerdy stuff like art, books, movies, libraries, etc). For example, there is a very good chance of a comic convention post soon as the Phoenix Comicon starts tomorrow and goes through the weekend and I have a full-event pass this year, so am hoping to actually go to some panels this year. This will be my second time going to this one, and I would one day love to the big one in San Diego.

Here are my two most recent posts that I finished today, one on glass artist extraordinaire Dale Chihuly and one on an ARC called The Bones of You


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